Posted by Audi A1 Expert 25 Feb 2015

A message from our good friends at Advanced In-Car Technologies – the guys behind the heated mirror retrofit solution.

***Calling All Audi A1 / S1 Owners***

Who out there has an Audi A1 with Front and Rear Optical Parking?

We have some new kit coming in very soon and we need a Guniea Pig. The deal would be that you provide your car to us (In Poole) for the day, we supply the kit free of charge and you pay a massively reduced fee in regards to installation.

We then take pictures and videos as needed of the kit in action and you drive away with a big grin on your face with OEM Style Reversing Camera utilizing your Boot Grab Handle with Optical Guidelines and Sensor Overlay!

If you can help them out – Give Tim a call on 01202 776699, or email

Posted by Audi A1 Expert 18 Oct 2012

The Audi A1 Owners Club have been working with Advanced In-Car Technologies to develop a factory retro-fit solution for heated mirrors.

I am delighted to tell you that they have succeded!

If you would be interested in having Heated Mirrors Retro-fitted to your A1, please click here for more information: Advanced In-Car Technologies.

What’s more, if you tell them that A1 Owners Club sent you, they’ll give you a FREE upgrade to auto-dipping door mirrors. This innovative function dips the passenger mirror down when the car is put into reverse, easing parallel parking and protecting your alloy wheels.

Posted by Audi A1 Expert 30 Mar 2012

I am pleased to say that Audi have now made Heated Mirrors  standard across the range! Also, I am in talks with a national retro-fit company that are just about to launch a proper retro-fit solution. More details coming soon…

Posted by Audi A1 Expert 6 Apr 2011

As requested, this subject has been raised with Audi UK. I was pleased to see that the people there have listened to your various comments and taken them on-board. Solutions to these things always take time, and it’s possible that in the future we may see heated mirrors forming part of model year changes. The complexity of the car means that there are currently no retro-fit solutions available. However, if one is developed then I will update you with the details. Thanks again for all your feedback and the opportunity to share your comments with Audi UK.

Posted by Audi A1 Expert 28 Mar 2011

And so the quest for heated mirrors continues… With 19 cars on the list, we submitted a ‘DISS report’ to Audi UK this morning. The reply we have received is as follows:

“We are currently unaware of any retrofit solution at this time.”

To be honest, that is the responce that I expected at first. We need to keep submitting reg numbers and they will investigate the issue. If you haven’t done so already, please add your reg to the list:

I’ll update you shortly with further progress. Thank you for your support.

Posted by Audi A1 Expert 25 Mar 2011

Time for us to show the power of an owners club…

The Problem we have…
I think we are all in agreement that the A1 is without a doubt, the best small car on the market. However there has been a lot of feedback on the forums that there is something that you would like to be improve. For some reason (in the UK atleast) heated mirrors do not come as standard. These are only included with the folding door mirrors option. The word back from Audi UK Technical is that heated mirrors cannot currently be retro-fitted. As the voice of the country’s Audi A1 owners, we are going to be covering progress into getting a viable retro-fit solution in the UK.

The Solution…
Our ultimate aim is to get Audi to add heated mirrors as a standard option and provide an approved retro-fit solution. For this, we need your help. We need a minimum of 5 registration numbers of cars affected by this to be able to raise a ‘DISS’ enquiry. The more reg numbers we get, the more likely Audi UK are to listen to our request. I have put a dedicated page up on this site where we can share our progress with you. On that page, you will find a form to register yourself on the list. The more we get the better, so please share this with other A1 owners.

Register your car now:

Hope this helps